Start a career in an ambitious industry that will remain relevant for decades to come. Become an in-demand IT professional.
July 2021
IT Recruiter
10 modules: 2 times a week
Practical classes in Zoom + lecture records
Homework and final project for the portfolio
Internship opportunities and practice on real cases
Businesses need IT recruiters
6 reasons to learn a new profession right now
Today IT-specialists are needed not only at IT-companies
6000+ vacancies for IT specialists appear monthly only in Ukraine
There are more than 180 000 IT specialists available and businesses need to pick the best ones
Market is overheated: experienced IT specialists are already considering from 3 to 8 offers simultaneously
Companies are looking for IT recruiters who can staff the team with experienced specialists
You can get into the in-demand profession and solve the real business challenges
About the course
In 10 modules, you'll figure out every step of the cycle, from search to hire, and you'll know how to:

  • find specialists with the required experience and competencies

  • close vacancies, which are crucial for the development of the company

We offer up-to-date knowledge from experts in practice. Improve your hard and soft skills, train on real cases and get an opportunity to do an internship at the company.

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Course Partners
Get an internship in one of the companies
This course is fit for
to get a start in an in-demand profession
to strengthen their skills in the field of IT Recruiting
to solve the challenge of finding and hiring IT specialists
What you'll end up with
Learn how to compile information correctly for the candidate search.
Understand how to develop a search strategy
Familiarize yourself with the technologies for the initial assessment of candidates for technical professions
Know how to initiate acquaintances and build relationships with candidates
Learn how to conduct interviews and design offers you want to accept
Find out how to properly close a vacancy and introduce a specialist to the team
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Course outline
Introduction to IT, Recruiting, and the Course
  • Types of IT companies, algorithms and specifics of their work
  • Recruiter responsibilities and KPIs
Information gathering and planning
  • Vacancy acceptance from a hiring manager
  • How to define critical search criteria
  • Getting started with the vacancy
  • Finding information about the specialisation (for example, if you don't know what GraphQL means :)
Types of specialists
  • The process of IT product development
  • Key IT specialities, their responsibilities and skills
  • The specifics of each IT speciality
Finding specialists
  • Stages of the search for specialists
  • How and where to look for candidates
  • The strategy of searching for an employee
Building relationships
  • What to consider when communicating with a candidate
  • How to close the vacancy with a long-term relationship
  • The unexpected issues in communicating with a candidate and finding a way out of conflict situations
  • Feedback: how not to lose a valuable contact
  • Interview stages
  • Assessment of soft and hard skills
  • Why are there no cross-functional interview questions
Recommendation of a candidate
  • How to "sell" the candidate to the client
  • Writing a candidate reference
Onboarding a newcomer
  • Onboarding and its stages
  • One-to-one meetings: how to conduct and what to talk about with a candidate
  • How not to lose an employee during the probationary period
Recruiter's career and further development
  • Development and career prospects of an IT recruiter
  • Freelance: features, opportunities and pitfalls
  • How much may a recruiter earn depending on experience and type of work
The Specialist Marketplace
  • Main IT-directions
  • Market trends, salary trends, migration of specialists, etc.
Who do you lift with
We offer up-to-date knowledge from experts in practice
Victoria Nalyvaiko
«Recruiting is when you don't know what kind of a great person you're going to meet tomorrow.»

  • CEO&Co-Founder BazaIT (Hiring Platform)
  • Founder and Career&HR Consultant at reteam (Business & Talent agency)
  • Co-Founder in IT Product People
  • Mentor in IT-outsourcing community of Growth Factory businesses
  • WTECH Ukraine Ambassador (an international community for female leaders in tech and online business)
  • Mentor and lecturer in ITNation educational project
  • 8 years of experience in HR + recruiting
  • 600+ career consulting
  • 300+ HR consulting
Anna-Maria Sabov
«My speciality is attracting and retaining the best employees at the best companies.»

  • Independent HRD in IT. Operational partner of the recruitment agency reteam
  • Lecturer and author of courses at KMBS, European Business Association, Kyiv School of Economics, Mike Pritula Academy.
  • Ex-HR Business Partner at Jooble
  • Ex-Head of HR at 8allocate
  • Ex-Hire & Brand Lead at Playtini
  • 7 years of experience in full-cycle recruitment in IT, Digital, Industry, b2b
  • Created and optimised HR processes from scratch in five IT companies, including startups (up to 250 people)
  • Networking: 20,000 contacts on LinkedIn and 5,000 contacts on Facebook

Dmytro Selin
"Any job implies a bit of adventure"

  • 15+ yrs of expertise in IT
  • Software engineer at Facebook
  • CTO & Cofounder of ImageryWard - image copyright protection startup
  • CTO & Cofounder of Aura - blockchain based job platform
  • Software Architect at Softserve
  • Software Lead Engineer at Anadea and Solvve
  • Organizer and mentor of workshops on blockchain technology
How does the course go?
Online classes at Zoom:
Work as a group, get feedback and ask questions right during the class
Telegram chat:
A convenient space for networking and connecting with lecturers
Homework and work on real cases:
Reinforce what you've learned with practice as you go along
Diploma work and internship opportunities:
Get your first final project experience for your portfolio.
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